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Wedding Guest Attire

The Top Trending Styles To Wear As A Wedding Guest This Season

Happy Wedding Wednesday and welcome to my second official post in this new series on Modern Daydream Living! When I started this series, I knew that I wanted to keep it relevant to all things wedding, not just those that are planning their special day! When a group of girlfriends and I started talking about wedding guest attire, it occurred to me that finding the proper styles to wear to weddings as a guest can sometimes be a challenge. With rules like not wearing white to avoid “competing” with the bride, stearing clear from wearing black and choosing the correct shoes to last all night on the dance floor, guests can be uneasy when it comes to dressing correctly for any given wedding! We all want to look our best during wedding season, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite styles to avoid any stress when you receive those “Save The Dates” in the mailbox!

Long Dresses


Short Dresses

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