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Wedding Dress Shopping

3 Things I Learned After Trying On Wedding Dresses For The 1st Time

When it comes time to try on wedding dresses, there is so much excitement, anticipation and overall joy that goes around it. From browsing styles on Pinterest and searching bridal boutiques to gathering family and friends to bring to your appointments, there really is nothing like trying on dresses for the first time! Though we don’t have our venue locked down just yet, I did have two dress appointments back to back and learned so much just from trying on a handful of dresses!

Details, styles and the all around feeling of glancing at yourself in a wedding dress was possibly the most exciting thing I’ve done in my young adult life (besides having my engagement ring placed on my finger, of course)! Though the words “yes” haven’t been spoken just yet in regards to the dress, I did learn 3 key things that completely prepared me for the final dress shopping experience once we are set on the location of our special day!

1. Share Dress Inspiration Before You Start Trying On Dresses And Trust The Salesperson

To avoid wasting time on those few styles you know you don’t picture yourself in, be sure to share all the dress inspiration you’ve gathered online to the salesperson during your appointment. This will give him/her a better idea of what you are looking for before dress get pulled off the rack. By narrowing down 7-10 dresses to try on, you’ll be sure the dresses you’re trying on are one you’ll like and it will ensure that you’re not completely overwhelmed. Getting into these dresses, standing on a block and having friends/family comment can be tiring if you try on every dress in the store- make it count! Additionally, be prepared to share details about your wedding such as the season, type of wedding and where it will be held. Trust the salesperson to take the information you communicated and let them make dress suggestions for you! If you see the style on the hanger they pulled for you and aren’t totally sure you’ll like it, try it on anyways! Within a few dresses, you’ll have a better idea of which style you are leaning towards!

3 Tips To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

2.Be Realistic With Your Budget And Your Time For The Ideal Experience

This is probably one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes time to start actually trying on dresses! We all know how un-ideal it can be to try on an item on, fall in love with it, then learn that the price in the clouds and out of reach! Be fair and reasonable to yourself to maintain a positive experience while having fun too! By being true to what you’d like to spend, time and effort will be saved in the long run and it will help keep any disappointments away! Everyone’s priorities for the different aspects of a wedding are different, so go with your gut and let the salesperson know what your (real) budget is!

3. Be Open To Different Styles And Other’s Opinions While Being True To Yourself

Trying on wedding dresses is a once in a lifetime experience, so do your best to keep it fun, light-hearted and be open to new styles. During my first wedding dress appointment, I tried on dresses that were the style I had in mind (and ones that weren’t), but I was completely open to the type of fabric for the dress. Thanks to the salesperson who pulled a few different styles of fabric of the rack for me to try on, I’m completely leaning towards a type of fabric I wasn’t sure would look good on me! On that note, inviting the most important women in your life to these appointments is an absolute must! No matter how many opinions there are, this is an aspect you will not regret doing! By having your besties, siblings and the moms there with by your side, it will help build excitement and make them feel included in this huge decision plus you get the added bonus of honest opinions when you are trying on those new styles you hadn’t considered!

One last tip for now…sipping on bubbly is an absolute must (in my experience and opinion)! Have you tried on wedding dresses before? Perhaps you’re already married and would like to offer dress advice? Please do share below!

Until next Wedding Wednesday…

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