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Vertical Succulent Holder

I absolutely love succulents and I would bet that you do too! They are super low maintenance and grow well in almost any climate. With the drought here in California, these plants are a lovely way to accent your garden and home that require very little watering. Just outside my apartment, my succulents catch light and accent my patio perfectly without me having to worry to much about watering them, sun exposure and overall well being. Because my collection has been growing quite rapidly, I wanted to present them in a way that is unusual, creative and eye catching.

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DIY Succulent Planter / Modern Daydream LivingA few weeks back, I was invited to get an exclusive inside look at the first ever Orchard Supply Hardware located in San Francisco before it opened and I was so inspired to do more DIYs and gardening for my own home that this project seemed to align great with what I was looking to do! Things will get a little messy with this DIY project, do prepare to get dirty!DIY Succulent Planter / Modern Daydream Living

DIY Succulent Planter / Modern Daydream Living


Before you completely begin, there are a few things you must prep in order to end up with a neat vertical holder. Although not pictured, you’ll want to go to a local hardware store and obtain a piece of plastic tubing. I got mine from Orchard Supply Hardware and the workers at the store drilled the larger holes for the succulents as well as two small holes at the very top to hang the holder. Mine is about a foot in length, but any length of your choosing will work. After, you’ll want to cover the black plastic color to make the holder more beautiful. Here, the tubing was spray painted a copper color that will only get more authentic looking with age, but any color you desire will do! After you have these steps done, the fun starts! You can purchase Cactus Juice at OSH as well and it will help provide nutrients to your succulents and ensure healthy looking plants. Yes!

DIY Succulent Planter / Modern Daydream LivingSTEP TWO: SEPARATING YOUR SUCCULENTS

After you get all your supplies lined up, you will need to gently pull apart the succulents. You want to be careful here to not damage the roots. Break each plant up so you have one stem and leaves per section. Don’t worry too much if some leaves fall off in the process, as you can save them and eventually they will turn into a plant of their own! I used the sections from 4 succulents to provide variety to my planter, but I think three would do just fine depending on the look you are going for. This is when it’s a good opportunity to add a touch of Cactus Juice to water and sprinkle on the succulents and in the excess dirt to help promote healthy roots.

Succulent / Modern Daydream Living


Now for the creative part! Before you begin inserting the first section of your succulent into the bottom hole, be sure to add some extra dirt first to allow the succulent to be positioned well. As you gradually add sections of the succulents into the plant, always add a little dirt between each section of succulent you place in the holder. You want to make sure the plant has a little room to grow, but you should also be sure that the plant is sturdy and secure in each hole. Tip: to create diversity, it is a good idea to alter the type of succulents from hole to hole to make sure the end result will appear nice and balanced!

DIY Succulent Planter on MDL

After you have completely filled in each hole of the planter, you can either hang the planter or have it stand straight up. If you choose to hang it, simply attach both ends of your chain through the small holes at the top and securely close the ends with pliers. Voila! You have a gorgeous, creative planter for your succulents! If you want to do what I did and have the planter stand straight up, simply place it in a gardening pot, small bowl or anything you have around the house that is small enough to hold the planter securely! Tip: This project would also work perfectly with an awesome variety of air plants as well!

DIY Succulent Planter on Modern Daydream Living

DIY Succulent Planter / Modern Daydream Living

What type of house plants do you have in your home? Have you done any other DIY’s with succulents and other plants?

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