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Front Row Fashion: It’s Not Just For New York

With the majority of fashion news pointing straight to New York right now, you may think you have to travel to the lively streets of the city to gain access to the designer looks of the season- but that’s not the case! All over the nation, Macy’s is launching their free Front Row Fashion events starting next…

Top 10 Booties For Fall

Now that summer is (almost) behind us, it’s time to step into fall the right way- in style! With interesting details and fresh designs, this years booties are sure to complete any look well into winter. Happy shopping! Like this guide? Pin it and take it with you! 1. Stuart Weitzman ‘Grandiose’ Pointed Bootie 2. Jeffery…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top Picks

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full force! While some just gained access today, fellow Nordstrom Card holders have been stocking up on fall items (or if you live in San Francisco, item you can start wearing now) the past few weeks. To celebrate the start of the…

6 Beach Day Essentials

With summer is in full swing. beautiful clothing pieces and practical beach accessories are popping up everywhere! Before the season of sunshine and sand fads away, I’m sharing six of my favorite pieces that are sure to keep you stylish at the beach during the long and hot summer days. 1. Steve Madden ‘Malta’ Sandals /…

iPhone Cases Perfect For Summer

Right now there’s one thing on my mind and you can bet it is the tropics! With the arrival of summer around the corner, there’s no better time to dress your iPhone in cases that you can only really get away during the warm months. Whether we like to admit it some guys like anal….