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Sun Valley, Idaho Photo Diary + Packing List

At the base of the Sawtooth National Forest in the heart of Idaho nestled along trees, rivers and the big old mountains is the small ski resort town known as Sun Valley. After visiting a several times over the past five years, I found there is something magical about wandering through the tall trees and making your…

6 Beach Day Essentials

With summer is in full swing. beautiful clothing pieces and practical beach accessories are popping up everywhere! Before the season of sunshine and sand fads away, I’m sharing six of my favorite pieces that are sure to keep you stylish at the beach during the long and hot summer days. 1. Steve Madden ‘Malta’ Sandals /…

What To Wear & Where To Go In Napa

A classic look with neutral colors doesn’t only represent a California cool look, but the general style also pairs great with the surrounding blue and green landscape along the vineyards of Napa valley and the European vibe that makes up downtown. When in wine country, comfort is key, so leave those tall wedges behind and swap them out with…