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The Ultimate Highway 1 Guide

Roaring cliff sides, sun filled skies, seaside flowers, golden hills, endless tide pools, road side fruit stands- it’s all just a little slice of heaven. The section of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Santa Cruz  holds numerous must see stops along the way. McNee Ranch, Montara Beach, Moss Beach Distillery, and Pie Ranch are…

Caspar, California

Bright white skies, soft sand and wildflowers galore are the essential elements to an adventure. After a long desire to drive up the North Coast, we packed a picnic and headed to Caspar, California in search of fresh air and cool vibes. While the ocean washed up seaweed along the shore and the flowers rooted…

Fort Bragg, California

Two years of drooling over Instagrams, researching on travel sites and daydreaming about a northern romantic getaway to Mendocino and it finally happened! The winding road to this section of the coast through tall redwoods from San Francisco is nothing short of amazing, so try not to have doubts when you enter the directions on…

Mendocino Guide

With wide eyes and a soft breeze flowing through the car, we drove through some of the most beautiful redwood forests on our way up the North Coast with the sunbeams casting a golden glow all around us. In high hopes of warm weather and continued sunshine when the redwood forest opened up onto the…