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Refresh yourself for summer

3 Key Ways To Reset & Refresh Your Routine For The Summer

When the seasons change, there is always a little more inspiration to switch up routines and daily rituals to ensure you are refreshed and ready to tackle another set of months before the season changes once again. For me, along with many others, the transition from spring to summer is one of the best chances to embark on new opportunities, both big and small. Looking inward, the chance to refresh can stem from many places in one’s life. It can come internally by clearing mental space or it can come externally by determining what you want to have surrounding you in your physical space. With the changing of the season comes time to grow as a person, to adapt to new routines and to be open to the exciting opportunities it might bring. I’m ready for you, summer!

Refresh yourself for summer

Rearrange Your Space

Easily one of the best ways to reset yourself for the new season is look inward at your home. If you don’t love your surroundings in your home, it can affect your mental space, productivity and motivation. Not looking to spend a lot of money on new furniture or a big home makeovers? There are a number of easy and affordable ways that will make a huge impact on your home but not on your wallet! Some of my recommendations are:

Refresh yourself for summer

Create and Adopt A New Routine

New routines and personal projects are a great way to add a new exciting element into your daily life! Whatever it is you adopt into your new routine, try sticking to it for a few weeks and see how it makes you feel! Here are a few ideas to jumpstart:

  • Create a meaningful morning ritual for yourself before you head into work
  • Start a personal project or revisit an old hobby that you can dedicate time to
  • Switch up your gym routine by incorporating group classes or try out a new workout studio
  • Change up your commute route if you have the option to keep it interesting
  • Treat yourself to weekly at home face masks to help hydrate and refresh your skin
  • Make an effort to attend local events to network and to have new experiences

Refresh yourself for summer

Tackle Spring Cleaning

There’s absolutely no replacement for how spring cleaning can help you refresh your life. Reflect on the items in your home that have collected dust over the winter months and really think about the space that these items are taking up. Life with less clutter will free up more space mentally and physically. You’ll be able to find things you need easier, spend less time organizing and cleaning and be more comfortable in your own space. A few ways I spring clean are:

  • Think about items that haven’t been used or worm recently and understand what you are still holding onto them. If you don’t have a legit answer, consider donating the items to make room for the things you really love.
  • Carve out a few hours and deep clean those appliances and nooks in your home that get overlooked. A clean, fresh refrigerator, microwave, bathtub and all the other spaces you’ve put off during the past months are just begging for some attention!
  • Purge your cosmetics collection, clean those makeup brushes and toss any half used eyeshadow pallets you keep promising yourself you will use…one day. It will make your overall bathroom that much more wonderful and will cut time in the morning by being able to access the items you use on the daily!

Refresh yourself for summer

No matter how you choose to refresh for the summer, be sure to stay true to yourself while introducing new rituals into your daily routine! I always love to share my daily tips and tricks, so let’s be friends over on Instagram and Facebook so we don’t miss a beat!

Refresh yourself for summer

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Photography by Stephanie Sterjovski

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