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7 Steps To A More Beautiful Bathroom

Bathrooms can either be wonderfully designed or simply the room that gets the least amount of attention. While it may not be the case for everyone, there’s nothing like a beautiful and clean restroom that breads relaxation (think long baths) and a nice space to get ready in the morning. Without added design tricks and stylish upgrades, a bathroom can easily be the least desirable space in an apartment or home. With great organization, small improvements, and a streamlined color palette, you can easily create a modern and well designed bathroom.


Choose A Color Palette

First and foremost, think carefully about your bathroom’s color palette! Since this area is generally small in most cases, items that don’t match can easily appear out of place. We choose a refreshing and calming color palette of light gray and green, which allows us to easily add new plants and flowers to our existing space that doesn’t look out of place.

Upgrade The Basics

One of the quickest ways to up a bathroom’s design is to take another look at the items you use everyday and think about an upgrade. This includes bath and hand towels in addition to bathmats and shower curtains. Nowadays, these basic items are designed beautifully and can make a huge impact on the first impression of a bathroom. While you’re at it, why not upgrade your waste can as well? While you’re replacing items, this is a great time to dispose any old products and excess clutter to make the space more minimal. Less is more, right?!

Organize In Style

Why keep essential items in the original packages? This is a wonderful opportunity to display your essentials in beautiful jars and tumblers. We keep Q-Tips in a juice sized tumbler from Anthropologie, our toilet paper in a nice basket tucked away and cotton balls in a stylish mason jar to add a touch of class to the bathroom.

Modern Bathroom

Incorporate Plants

Luckily for us, our bathroom has a nice big window that not only allows a lot of light in, but also a nice breeze throughout the day. This area of our apartment is super small, so installing a glass shelf has allowed us to place flowers and plants at a higher level. This not only saves space, but adding shelves helps break up the white walls. Double win!

Update Your Mirror

For renter’s, this may be more of a challenge, but upgrading the cheap mirror that may be installed in your bathroom can make the space look that much more custom. There are several DIY projects out there for this type of job if this is a possibility. Not sure where to look? Try antique shops and flea markets for a one of a kind mirror!

Walls, Art, Clock

Decorating walls in a bathroom can be somewhat of a challenge if you’re not sure where to start. To me, the simpler the design better! There are a lot of interesting new wallpapers and contact paper which can work well in creating an accent wall or upgrading a counter-space. Additionally, refreshing artwork and a statement clock can do the trick as well, just be sure everything looks cohesive with a streamlined color palette!

Add New Hardware

A beautiful soap container, quality towel rack and powerful shower head can instantly add a touch of class and seriously up the aesthetic of your bathroom. By switching out boring hardware for brass and adding a real glass soap container, your bathroom will instantly feel modernized and a little more expensive. Of course, an impressive candle, matches and simple (but useful) accessories are always encouraged!


Get The Look:


What do find the most helpful when redesigning a room in your home? Do you have any tips to add to the list? I’d love to hear more in the comments below!

Beautiful Bathroom DIY

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*All bathroom photography by Tessa Neustadt



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