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45 Minutes To A More Simple & Successful Day To Day Routine

No matter if you are a saver, a minimalist, or somewhere in between, we all need the reminder and encouragement to make room for new things in our lives, especially on the brink of a new season. Nowadays when schedules are booked and you’re running from event to event, merely maintaining your home isn’t always enough to keep everything else in check. Keeping an organized and well balanced schedule are the key ingredients for a simpler day to day. So, if you’re looking for a change in your routine, I encourage you to take 45 minutes this week to clear space on your electronics, prepare for the upcoming week and make room in those cabinets to encourage a simpler everyday.

20 Minutes: Everyday Items

Surprising or not, the items I use daily seem to get the least amount of attention at times. Here are a few things I did that you can as well to kick start a more minimalist lifestyle.

Organize and clean out your wallet and purse. Dispose of old receipts, use up those gift cards and snap a picture of any business cards that you want to save the contact information from, then toss.

Clear the space on your computer. Set up folders for all those items stored on your desktop so you can quickly find the documents you’re looking for. You will get the added bonus of turning on your computer each morning without a loaded desktop full of miscellaneous images, reports and documents.

Delete unnecessary applications, photographs and music that are taking up space on your iPhone. This will allow quicker ability to find what you are looking for with simplicity.

Simple Routine How To

10 Minutes: Prepare For The Week

It might sound silly, but having a loose schedule of when you are going to do things such a laundry, nails or sending those important emails will make your week that much more simple. Each Sunday or Monday night, I make sure a clear checklist of things I need to get done for the upcoming week is recorded and it has been a game changer on productivity!

Spend 10 minutes adding notes to your calendar (I use the one on my iPhone) to understand what your priorities are for the week. I’m not talking about meetings you have to prepare for or anything else career oriented. I’m talking personal things you need to do to ensure for a better week for yourself.

By avoiding procrastination, you’ll learn that life can be much simpler. Do you have a special event or birthday on the horizon? Get a head start by popping into a card store during your lunch break so you don’t have to do it after a long day. Need to order balloons for a celebration? How about scheduling your next dentist appointment or figuring out what gym classes you want to attend? Planning out and completing at least 1 non-work task a day will guarantee that you have time to get the items you need to get done in an organized fashion when otherwise unpredictable aspects of life happen. Instant happiness!

15 Minutes: Tackle The Kitchen

For some, kitchens can end up holding the most clutter out of all the spaces in a home. To make putting the groceries and dishes away that much quicker, encourage yourself (and your significant other or roommates) to do a 15 minute speed kitchen clear out.

Start with clearing out your fridge, freezer and spice rack since this is the easiest place to purge. Toss the items that only have a tiny amount of product in them that you swear you’ll use soon (ketchup, syrup, hot sauce, ect). If you can’t remember the last time you’ve consumed these items, you’re probably ready to buy some new ones. Spices can go bad too and loose potency, so don’t overlook those ingredients as well.

Take a deeper look into those cabinets and give yourself some room! Chipped or damaged dishes you only use if everything else is dirty? Toss it! Promotional items with logos (I’m talking to you, old pint glasses from college), donate them! Having room to breathe in your kitchen can generate a sense of clarity and might even encourage more time cooking and less time cleaning!

Simple Routine How To

By adopting these simple steps to your routine, I can bet the little things in life will come much easier. Do you have any tips you do each week to ensure success? Please share in the comments below!

Simple Routine How To

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