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How To Make The Work Week More Fulfilling

With the New Year brings new resolutions and perhaps goals to live a little differently than years past. As we deep dive into 2016, one thing I’ve committed to is making time in the day to spend doing the things which bring me joy and being with the ones I love most to create a more fulfilling work week. While this might  mean setting the alarm earlier to allow time to do things for me before heading into the office, remembering to take my full lunch break, or making mid-week date nights happen on the regular, I have found that creating healthy habits throughout the week will certainly help a 9a-6p work week more personally fulfilling.

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Once my alarm goes off, the first thing I do is spend a few minutes in bed waking up slowly. It’s one thing to hit snooze, but for me that always leads to rushed mornings which leave me zero personal time to prep for the day. Once I rise and float out of bed, I instantly boil hot water (which is best measured out the evening prior) and hop in the shower. I’ve always been hooked on body scrubs, and I am especially loving the soothing scent of the Tulsi Luminous Scrub. By incorporating it into my shower routine, my skin feels nice and healthy and I don’t need to bother with applying lotion since the nourishing elements of coconut oil and shea butter moisturize my skin already.How To Make The Work Week More Fulfilling / Modern Daydream LivingSkincare Photo Styling / Modern Daydream Living

Once showered, I use this precious morning time to give some TLC to my skin. After snuggling up in my robe, I incorporate Apottera’s detoxifying herbal steam to prepare my skin for the mini-facial it’s about to receive! The dried flower petals come alive once mixed with the boiling water I prepared and all the while, I have hot tea waiting for me once finished. To get the most out of the herbal steam, I like to place my face over the hot water flower combination and breathe deeply. By doing so, I’m clear minded and ready to take on the day. By giving yourself time to reflect in the moment, you may notice an opportunity to envision how you want your day will play out. Positive vibes foster positive days, no?

Skincare Photo Styling / Modern Daydream LivingAfter the herbal steam, I really enjoy doing a quick 10 minute “mini facial” before applying any cosmetics. Apoterra’s White Clay Brightening Mask is quick and easy, which is especially important when you have time constraints! Once 10 minutes is up, the mask is super easy to rinse off too! After, it’s time to get ready for work- calm and collected.

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Wellness / Modern Daydream LivingNo matter what your work life is like, there’s always time to enjoy the little things which bring you happiness. Have you ever tried a short, simple yoga routine? This 3 minute morning routine may be just what you need to make the work week more fulfilling!

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What habits have you created to help get you through a long week? Is there anything in particular that makes you disregard the snooze button and hop out of bed?

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This post was made possible in partnership with Apoterra Skincare. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make the blog a little more dreamy!


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