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Bring Immediate Life Into Your Home With Low Maintenance Terrariums

You say long weekend, I say it’s time to add to the home decor! This past weekend I really felt the need to be creative and with an extra day away from the office, it was time to kick the creativity into full gear and bring more life into my home! While I was replanting and rearranging my urban garden (or so I refer to it as) I created a few angled terrariums on a whim which brought me instant joy. There are many styles of the ever so popular home accent trend such as hanging globes and large bowls that leave much room for creativity. For this specific version, I decided to use some recently purchased angled vases to create an interesting way to display my succulents and cacti. This easy, low maintenance project is a great way to bring more greenery into a home for less than $20 and it only took about 20 minutes. That’s a major DIY win if you ask me!


Depending on the number of terrariums you’d like to build, this project can be painless, unless of course you get poked by one of your cacti (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) There are many variations depending on what type of plants you decide to use, which makes the project really fun and personalized! For one terrarium, I planted a mix of both succulents and cacti. For the other, I simply planted one succulent and layered white pebbles we collected in Fort Bragg over the soil to bring some dimension to the design. I chose to keep the terrariums as natural looking as possible, but if you gravitate towards color, you can add colored moss or pebbles to the mix for an instant pop!



Assorted Succulents, Small Cacti, Angled Bud Vase, Potting Soil, Small Rocks, Cactus Juice



Once you have your angled vases, add a small layer of soil at the base. Next, gently remove the succulent/cactus from it’s temporary pot and plant it into the soil. After, add soil around the base of the roots and layer small pebbles over the soil to create an extra touch. And voilà, you’ve created a masterpiece! Be sure to provide your darling new terrariums with proper sunlight and water every few weeks to ensure they stay healthy and happy!



Inspiring Decor




Not only are these terrariums a great addition to your own home, they also act as a perfect hostess gift or birthday gift. Try placing them in your bathroom, kitchen or wherever else the sun hits for a instant dose of style. If you’re looking for more DIY inspiration, be sure to connect with Modern Daydream Living on Instagram and Pinterest!

DIY Angled Terrarium

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