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Lake Trip Essentials: What To Pack

For the past five summers (!), I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to spend many weekends up at Lake Berryessa on the houseboat. Though the time as flown, I still remember my first trip going with no expectations and very little preparation. Through the years, I’ve learned the items that you definitely do not need and the ones that come in handy for both convenience and enjoyability! If a weekend on the lake is something that you’ve been thinking about doing this summer, I highly suggest taking advantage of the opportunity during the warm summer months!



An hour and a half through the rolling vineyards of Napa and no cell phone service, you’ll eventually hit Lake Berryessa. Although the lake is down several feet from the drought, the water is as beautiful and warm as ever. This summer included, I’ve learned over the years that at the lake, accessories and make-up (and even shoes for that matter) are not super necessary to have a wonderful time. While it’s always fun to bring a few extra items such as a trendy floatie, stylish suits and interesting sunnies, just know that a weekend spent at the lake means causal and simple, which contributes to how fun and relaxing it can be!


From stand up paddle boarding and wake boarding by day to watching the sunset and grilling on the BBQ by night, a weekend on the water can be really rewarding. To take advantage of the low maintenance vibe, my suggestion is to wear loose fitting dresses, denim cut offs and cute cover ups. Depending on the area your lake trip is located at, jeans may not be necessary but leggings and a loose sweater are definitely good to have as the nights often get chilly. Though you won’t need tennis shoes too often, it is nice to have in case you need to help pull in the houseboat or take a trip to the store. As far as make up goes, for me sunscreen, waterproof mascara and a loose powder go a long way. Additionally, since access to a shower is not usually available, make up removing wipes are super helpful and get ready to shampoo in the lake! For more in-depth guides into meal planning, houseboat anchoring and other helpful hints, click here!


What To Pack:


Do you have any end of summer plans? Have you been houseboating before? Are there any other tips or tricks you’d like to share? I’d love hear about a favorite memory spent at the lake in the comments below!




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