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A Picture Perfect Galentine’s Day

Lady friends, floral bouquets and free flowing champagne. What else could be better? There’s something stirring this month and it’s full of candy hearts and lots and lots of pink. That’s right, it that time to celebrate the love of friendship with the ones that help you through it all. This year, why not add an additional celebration to Valentine’s Day to pop out the bubbly and make heart shaped mini waffles and shamelessly indulge in the girliest of girly movies of all time. And the best part? No one will judge you for dipping freshly baked sugar cookies into chilled pink milk for brunch (even if it is the first meal of the day!)

Galentine's Day Guide / Modern Daydream LivingPink Shoes / Modern Daydream LivingOne of my best blogger babes, Jenna of Jenna Rose Colored Glasses made a valid point that Cupid doesn’t specify  what type of love to celebrate on February 14th. It can easily be the love of your girlfriends who often bring a unconditional style of support to your life. The ones that get you, the ones that help you through your day, and of course the ones that have been there through it all are a huge reason to pop the bubbly, turn up the tunes and get a little glammed up just ’cause. My first Galentine’s Day Soiree was hosted by the sweet Annie of MontgomeryFest this time last year and it was the loveliest, most enjoyable girl’s celebration I had had in a while. No matter what your current romantic situation may be, it’s important to cheers to each and every type of love you have in your life.

Galentine's Day Guide / Modern Daydream LivingSugar Cookies / Modern Daydream LivingGold Earrings / Modern Daydream LivingIt’s all about the delicate details during the month of love, and what pieces you choose to accessorize your look with is no exception. I picked up these  s t u n n i n g earring jackets (similar) at Azil Boutique to compliment my golden necklace (similar) and my Bezel ring (similar). Made in San Francisco, Azil Boutique is quickly becoming my go-to location to pick out quality pieces while supporting small business. It’s a total win-win!

Champagne Flatlay / Modern Daydream LivingGold Earring Jackets on Modern Daydream Living

Pink Heels on Modern Daydream Living

Breakfast / Modern Daydream Living

Eats + Sips  To Create The Perfect Galentine’s Day

-Waffles, Pancakes, Bagels and/or various items from your favorite bakery

-Fruit (strawberries and raspberries will go along great with your color scheme) For extra fun, add whip cream to the mix

-Candy Hearts (Try placing these in tall champagne flutes for a functional prop)

-Cookies. And lots of them. I brought a mix of delicious (on-demand!) cookies from Doughbies. They’re probably the best treats I’ve tasted in a long time. Did I mention they deliver?!

-Pink Champagne (no explanation necessary!) Advice- bring a few more bottles than you think you’ll need ’cause more than likely you’ll want just a tad more

-Sparkling Water + Other Non-Alcoholic Beverages

-Pink Milk (For this, simply fill milk in whichever vessel of your choice and mix in 4  to  5 drops of red food coloring. Shake gently and enjoy!)

Modern Interior / Modern Daydream Living

Puppy On White Bedding / Modern Daydream Living

Galentine's Day / Modern Daydream Living

Tablescape / Modern Daydream Living

Galentine's Breakfast / Modern Daydream Living

Flowers, Props + Decor To Create The Perfect Galentine’s Day


If there is one thing you are able to splurge on, it should be the flowers. I had the most lovely bouquets arranged by Mission de Flores, a local San Francisco floral business that creates arrangements that take your breath away! Tip: by ordering additional flowers (or creating your own) you have an opportunity for guests to take their own bouquet home. What a sweet way to end a Galentine’s Day, no?

Props + Decor

Paper Straws 

Feminine Glassware + Feminine Dishware

Twinkle String Lights 

Coffee Table Books

Gold, White or Pink Balloons 

Hanging Banner

Galentine's Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Earring Jackets / Modern Daydream Living

Galentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Galentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Galentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream LivingGalentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Flowers / Modern Daydream Living

Don’t let the afternoon slip away! Capturing memories is all part of the fun, so feel free to break out the camera throughout the celebration. (You know everyone will secretly love it!) Who knows, maybe you could even set up a mini photo station with fun props and a beautiful backdrop- Just add Champagne!

Galentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream LivingGalentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Tulips / Modern Daydream LivingWhat are your Valentine’s Day Weekend plans? Are you inspired to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your best girlfriends? I’d love to hear what your ideas include to celebrate!

Galentine's Day Brunch / Modern Daydream Living

Thank you to our contributorsJewelry: Azil Boutique | Flowers: Mission de Flores | Cookies: Doughbies


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