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Fall Outfit Inspiration & Style Tips

Fall has always my favorite season for style, so you can bet I’m super excited to pull out the scarves, add some long sweaters to my wardrobe, grab some knee socks and get bundled up! With San Francisco consistent foggy, 65 degree weather, the transition from summer to fall isn’t too much of a challenge. The typical summer shorts and tank tops have stayed put in my drawers and tall boots and thick sweaters have been on constantly rotation in my closet. With the upcoming season well on the way, I’m sharing one of my first go to outfits for the fall plus my tips to edit a wardrobe for a new season!

Fall Dress


Fall Ready

Fall Style Tips

  • Edit your closet by organizing, donating and cleaning up your items at the beginning of each season
  • Figure out which key items you need to purchase for the fall vs. items you want! This will not only help you budget, but will also save yourself time when you hit the stores
  • 2-4 layers is always encouraged (and practical) when the autumn winds pick up
  • You can never own too many knee high socks, which will keep you extra warm day and night
  • Oversized jackets and sweaters are in! Pair with fitted pants and booties for a stylish look
  • Large bags provide extra room to store extra layers or scarves in if the weather heats up
  • Gold jewelry goes with everything in the fall and layering necklaces is always a good idea

As always, it’s important to properly take care of your clothing! I personally hand wash many items that are delicate or on the less expensive side to ensure they last as long as possible. For more pricey staple items, dry cleaning is the way to go! In the end, if you really love an item be sure to properly take care of it to ensure it stays in your closet for a long time!



Simple Flower


What fall styles are you most looking forward to during the season? Do you have a go to outfit that you turn to?



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