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Summer To Fall: How To Prep Your Bar Cart For The New Season

There are few things more inviting than a cozy welcoming into someone’s home during the holidays. The sky gets darker earlier and the days colder, so any excuse to throw a gathering and style your home for the season is enough of an excuse to start with your bar cart! While many will choose pumpkins and pumpkins only, there are other ways to add a touch of warmth in your space. For starters, twinkle lights in the most unexpected places, free flowing bubbly, nonstop candles and lots of fall foliage!


How To Organize Your Bar Cart

For starters, you want your bar cart to function as well as it looks which makes organization essential. With that in mind, I arrange my bar cart shelf by shelf with a balanced design in mind. By including all the components needed to make a few signature cocktails, hosting will be a breeze! Once you decide what works best for you, categorize by type and height of items to create a bar cart that instantly catches the eye.

Fall Bar Styling

Top Shelf: Featured Cocktail


To make party planning and hosting a breeze, choose one or two signature cocktails for the evening. From there, you can easily access your ingredients on the top shelf to make said cocktail. If you are unsure of what type of drinks you’d like to serve, I suggest choosing something that calls for a simple recipe and little prep time. With the numerous celebrations that come with the holidays, my go to drink is sparkling wine- either by itself or as the base of a cocktail! Who doesn’t love a little bubbly?


Middle Shelf: Mixers and Additional Alcohol


The middle shelf of your car bart calls for mixers, non alcoholic beverages and additional alcohol. Mixers certainly vary of preference, but necessities include club soda, ginger beer and may I recommend the best rose lemonade ever?! If you’re serving multiple cocktails, be on the safe side and get extra mixers because running out of an ingredient is definitely not what you (or your guests) want to happen! Add in a fancy decanter to display your liquor and voila! Instant upgrade!


Bottom Shelf: Glassware and Decor


I prefer to keep all my glassware on the bottom self. This is especially usefully as the evening goes on because most people will reuse their glass when they’re ready for a second round, leaving the top and middle shelf open for ingredients. This can be another great place for small decor items as well back up bar tools and extra cocktail ingredients. If you have additional items you need to find a place for, don’t discount the bottom level!


Additional Tips For A Perfect Bar Cart


Add a touch of warmth anywhere with tiny LED string lights

Showcase your bubbly or wine in a beautiful holder! I chose a hammered glass candle holder which fits a bottle wonderfully. Add ice a few minutes before your guests arrive and you’re done!

When in doubt, choose the brand with the pretty labels- I highly recommend Franciacorta!

Opt for a luxe candle with a wood wick for small crackles throughout the evening


Get Inspired By My Top Picks


Selecting Your Beverages

When choosing what type of beverages to serve, I highly suggest picking bottles with not only a pretty label, but ones that go pop! Yes- I’m talking about all the bubbly, specifically Franciacorta. Located right outside Milan, Franciacorta is a wine region surrounding breathtaking Lake Iseo which just recently featured an awesome art installation, The Floating Piers. When I was introduced to Franciacorta a few weeks back, I knew the different varieties of sparking wine would look darling on my bar cart- and they do! While most of us can’t visit Italy on the fly to pick up some bottles, these sparkling wines can be purchased online here and at wine shops nationwide!


Do you have any fall gatherings on the horizon? What are your go to bar cart necessities? If you’re looking for more entertaining inspiration this season, be sure to connect with Modern Daydream Living on Instagram and Pinterest!

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This guide was made possible, in part, in partnership with Franciacorta. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make the blog a little more dreamy!

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