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The Best Ingredients To Up Your Picnic Game + Top Food Recommendations

Ah, sweet picnic season. There’s nothing quite like it! I’m so lucky to live across the way from Golden Gate Park which just begs for a picnic to take place among its tall trees, wildflowers and green grass. With flowing wine and a stylish set up, a picnic in the park may be exactly what you need to truly take advantage of the sweet moments you can have while being disconnected from technology and outside in the sunshine. So grab your significant other, round up your buddies, pop the champagne and get ready to picnic in style!



Comfort & Style

First things first! To have a truly special picnic, you must be comfortable! This all begins with the blanket. When I picnic, I always bring one stylish blanket (which usually run on the thinner side) and a thicker one to lay underneath. Often times the ground is damp due to foggy mornings here in San Francisco, so this process has saved us time after time!

Why picnic with paper platters and plastic utensils when you can class it up with the real deal? I love to bring plates, cheese boards, platters, wooden utensils and wine glasses to class it up a bit! Bonus points for fresh flowers, a mini speaker and of course, a good ‘ol picnic basket or bucket! If you don’t want to worry about carrying a lot of stuff to the park, there are some beautiful paper plate options below!


Get The Look



With the help from Bay Area based A.G. Ferrari, I was able to build the ultimate picnic basket, prosecco and all! For those of you that aren’t familiar, A.G. Ferrari is a 97-year-old specialty food brand inspired by the tastes of Italy! With a full service deli, large selection of wine, mouthwatering treats and all the ingredients needed to create a true Italian meal, A.G. Ferrari has always been one of my favorite gourmet food shops here in the Bay Area. For inspiration on how to create a picture perfect day, I’m sharing some of the items I love to include on my picnics!


Homemade penne pasta with pesto sauce, Prosciutto, Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar, Baguette, Bruschetta, Assorted Cheese, Fruit, Olives, Salami


Bellini Peach Juice mixed with  A.G. Ferrari Prosecco, Chilled Water


Rigoni Nocciolata Hazelnut Spread, Almond Cookies, Assorted Italian Candies, Dr. Pescia Sulla Honey




No picnic is complete without a touch of sweetness! I  like to bring something fruity and chocolatey to ensure picnic go-ers have a choice of what they’d like to indulge in! I paired my Hazelnut Spread (let’s be real, it’s basically heaven in a jar) with almond cookies and it was simple and delicious! Also among the sweetness was an assortment of gourmet Italian candies for those who choose a candy over chocolate. Did I mention these both go great with the sparking prosecco?! 😉





When choosing the perfect place to picnic, be sure to take weather, convenience and surroundings into account! For our picnic, we chose the area surrounding many museums in Golden Gate Park. This area is always lively, great for people watching and leaves the option to pop into one of the museums post picnic. Additionally, this area of the park is well kept and large enough to spread out your own space away from others. It’s a win-win!



Additional Picnic Pointers

· Pack foods/beverages and plateware separately to make set up a breeze

· Keep food simple by sticking to the basics: cheese, fruit, bread, ect

· Bring one or two extra bags for garbage, dirty utensils and extra food

· Upon arrive, place your cooler in the shade to keep your goodies cold

· Board games, cards and bocce ball make for excellent picnic additions


Though A.G. Ferrari is based here in Northern California, they have just announced a product expansion in cities throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Western United States- so be on the look out if you are located in those areas! In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your go-to picnic essentials are! Do you have a designated picnic location in your town or do you travel to get to a wonderful destination?


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This post was made possible in partnership with AG Ferrari Foods. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make the blog a little more dreamy!





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