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Gold Country Guide

When the opportunity arose to escape the city and head into the mountains, there was no way I could pass it up. A few weekends back, we inhaled that air only found deep within the¬†wilderness and embraced the warm beginning of summer in the Sierra Mountains. All weekend long, the sun shined through the trees…

Daydreaming Of Santorini

Ohhh, Greece. Your bright white architecture and blue hues have captured my eyes for quite some time. A seemingly majestic and ancient city nestled above the Aegean Sea (off the Mediterranean) is known to be one of the most romantic places in the world. The village feel of Oia paired with dreamy accommodations seem to…

Point Reyes Travel Guide

Travel is all around us and contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily need to book an expensive plane ticket to a far off place to experience a new destination! Sometimes, the best low key day trips and mini adventures can be in close proximity to you! As long as some research is done, it…

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Las Vegas Neon Museum

Three words: Viva Las Vegas! What comes to mind? Do you remember a particularly fun time there? Perhaps a birthday or two where you stayed up a later than usual? Maybe tossing loose change in a slot machine hoping it lights up letting you know you’ve won than you gambled? With all the glitter and…

Daydreaming Of Tulum

Welcome to my first installment in my new series “Daydreaming Of”! I’m so excited to share notes, imagery and packing guides to dreamy places to inspire all forms of wanderlust. Discovering new locations near and far has always been a passion of mine which often translates to searching the Internet and Instagram for stunning hidden…