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Exploring The 17 Mile Drive

One of the many beautiful sections of the Central Coast is the stunning coastline between Monterey, Pebble Beach and Carmel. The bright blue skies, cypress groves, turquoise waters and white sand make this drive popular for good reason! Through the Del Monte Forest and along the treasured sparking waters of the Pacific situated right next…

The Ultimate Highway 1 Guide

Roaring cliff sides, sun filled skies, seaside flowers, golden hills, endless tide pools, road side fruit stands- it’s all just a little slice of heaven. The section of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Santa Cruz  holds numerous must see stops along the way. McNee Ranch, Montara Beach, Moss Beach Distillery, and Pie Ranch are…

A Perfect Day In Monterey

Sun, sand and sea are three essential ingredients to a day well spent in my opinion, so when all three came together on a picture perfect Saturday, you can bet my soul and heart was full. There are many stops along California’s Central Coast and the seaside town on Monterey is no exception! Tourist foot…

Caspar, California

Bright white skies, soft sand and wildflowers galore are the essential elements to an adventure. After a long desire to drive up the North Coast, we packed a picnic and headed to Caspar, California in search of fresh air and cool vibes. While the ocean washed up seaweed along the shore and the flowers rooted…