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Bridesmaid Proposal Box

What To Put In A Bridesmaid Proposal Box

When it comes time to begin planning a wedding, I’ve learned (as expected) that there are many steps in the process. Though John and I have just begun, there are certain things I knew I was too excited to wait to do until we nailed down our venue and date. One of those things I started planning for right away was how I was going to ask my bridesmaids to be a part of this extremely special moment in our lives. Within a week of brainstorming I came across all the items I wanted to gift to the closest ladies in my life and all I had to do was wait for the products to arrive so I could begin building my bridesmaid proposal box!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

While this type of box isn’t mandatory, it communicates just how thankful and excited you are to have your friends be bridesmaids throughout all the events that come with saying “I do”. There are really no rules on what you should and shouldn’t include, but some guidelines on building this very special gift is always helpful. I’ve rounded up my personal favorites that contributed to making this a one of a kind way to  properly ask the women if they would be my bridesmaids! Needless to say, this was one of the most exciting and fun projects to come Modern Daydream Living yet (in my opinion, at least!)

Bridesmaid Proposal Box


To enhance the look and quality of the overall bridesmaid proposal box, I decided to package all the goodies in well structured and modern copper baskets. I chose this route instead of the classic decorated cardboard box or gift bag that way the recipients can reuse the basket around their home instead of disposing of extra packaging. These baskets in particular are both elegant, trendy and large enough to hold a lot of items for your bridesmaids.


As any candle lover would know, there are numerous options out there for inexpensive candles, but I knew I wanted to give the very best to the ladies that will be standing next to me on my special day! In my bridesmaid proposal box, I included the Fern + Moss candle handmade by the lovely Tamara of Brooklyn Candle Studio. I chose to do this to ensure the women received small batch candles crafted with love, as that is the very theme of this box- love.

Living here in San Francisco, the Fern + Moss candle especially caught by eye because the scent was inspired by the Fern Valley here in Northern California. Additionally, it was easy to decide this was the candle to include because John and I both grew up here in Northern California (though Brooklyn Candle Studio has numerous options to choose from)! Since it has always been a priority of mine to support small businesses, I knew the receiving a product from Brooklyn Candle Studio would be much appreciated by the bridesmaids as well. In addition to the Fern + Moss candleLove Potion #9 is just as lovely with notes of jasmine, mandarin and lavender which would act as a wonderful gift as well come wedding season.

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Champagne Flutes

One of the most praised items in the bridesmaid proposal box was definitely the personalized champagne flutes handmade by Kathryn of Cambridge Avenue. The Florida based shop has several designs that cater to different styles, so when it came time to choose which I liked best, I went with the Rose Gold Stemless Champagne Flute design. It was so nice to experience the women’s excitement when they discovered their name printed on the glass when the proposal boxes were opened, which made the whole thing that much more special. Not only will the flutes be perfect for getting ready on my big day, but also for the variety of wedding events such as the bridal shower and bachelorette festivities! Don’t forget to get one for yourself when it’s your time to walk down the aisle!


Another simple way to personalize each box is with chocolate, and what woman doesn’t love chocolate?! Spend the extra dollars and chose artisan chocolates to keep the proposal box as high-end as it can be by selecting the types each bridesmaid’s would enjoy. Whole Foods Market has an amazing assortment that are delicious such as Poco Dolce, Charles Chocolates, and Kika’s Treats. These three brands are all San Francisco based chocolate companies which makes it even more meaningful for those bridesmaids that both live in the city and that are further away. While selecting chocolates, take my advice and taste test along the way to be sure they meet the standards of the bridesmaid proposal box 😉

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Contact Information Sheet

Be sure to make it as easy as you can on your bridesmaids to get a hold of each other when the planning begins! To do this, include the name of each bridesmaid, their phone number and their email on a nicely designed one sheet. Print the information on premium cardstock and tie a ribbon around it to make it that much cuter! This will save everyone time and energy in the end and will help avoid any miscommunications throughout the planning process!


Including a quality piece of jewelry is probably the most unexpected addition to a bridesmaid proposal box! Since each woman in your bridal party may have somewhat different style, be sure to pick out pieces you think the women will actually wear instead of gifting the same piece for everyone. I absolutely love the delicate pieces that San Francisco based Azil Boutique offers, so I gifted the Druzy Cuff in Champagne, the Round CZ Bezel Link Necklace and the 10k White Gold Studs to my bridesmaids. By giving the women a nice piece of jewelry that will last, the bridesmaids have the option to wear the jewels to all the events in your wedding, so be sure to choose quality pieces you know they will love!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Picture Frame

Adding a picture frame to the bridesmaid proposal box makes the gesture that much more special when sifting through all the goodies. Since I have hundreds of images of me and my bridesmaids, I chose to make a collage of images of myself and each individual bridesmaid. While a single picture is special as well, a collage allows you both to reminisce on memories that brought the two of your together in the first place! If possible, incorporate images from a variety of different stages throughout your friendship to make it extra meaningful!


A skincare product is something each woman in your bridal party will appreciate since you all will be in the spotlight at the wedding and the festivities leading up to it! Because I am a firm believer in natural skincare whenever possible, I chose to share that passion with my bridesmaids. In each basket were products such as Aloe + Rose Soap, Coffee + Cream Soap and Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil from the amazing Apoterra Skincare based out of New York City.

I believe everyone loves to receive good for you skincare products, so the addition of these products to the bridesmaid proposal box was an easy choice! Be sure to check out my last post with this amazing company here to learn even more about the wonderful products they hand make in NYC. As an extra gift, I gave my bridesmaids a face sheet mask to pair with the items from Apoterra Skincare for an extra boost!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box How To

Sparkling Wine

And of course, bubbles! You can’t give someone champagne flutes without some bubbly to fill them, right?! To maintain the wedding theme, Iron Horse’s Wedding Cuvée was the perfect choice to add into the bridesmaid proposal box! Not only does this sparking wine have a romantic pink hue, but it is an absolutely lovely dry sparkling wine. Every bottle Iron Horse produces is magic and if you’re local to the Bay Area or are planning a trip to Sonoma, don’t miss a visit to their tasting room in the Russian River Valley. Plus, the Wedding Cuvée pairs excellent with dark chocolate so it’s a win in my book!

Wedding Cake Gum

For a fun, inexpensive addition to your bridesmaid proposal box, add in some Gourmet Wedding Cake Gum to enhance the theme of the gift basket!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Don’t forget a handwritten note actually asking the women to be your bridesmaid by searching Etsy and finding the design that you like best! For one last special touch to the bridesmaid proposal box, include garden roses, airplants or a succulent to accompany all the items you’ve put so much thought into!


Because the majority of my bridesmaids are local, I was able to hand deliver many of proposal boxes and see the women’s reactions in real life which made the coordinating of all the items so rewarding! For those out of the area, I had the baskets shipped to their doorstep which provided an even greater surprise on their end! Above all, no matter how you ask your closest friends to be next to you on your wedding day, each woman will feel honored and loved to be a part of your wedding which is the most important aspect of all!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Have you ever received a bridesmaid proposal box? If so, what stuck out to you the most?

Bridesmaid Proposal Box How To

Bridesmaid Proposal Box How To

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*This post was made possible in partnership with Apoterra Skincare, Azil Boutique, Brooklyn Candle Co, Cambridge Avenue, Iron Horse Vineyards and Whole Foods. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make the blog a little more dreamy! 



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