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Bridesmaid Dress Tips

How To Find Bridesmaid Dresses For Every Size That Your Girls Will Love

So you’ve asked your bridesmaids to stand by you on your wedding day and you’ve celebrated over champagne! You’ve booked your wedding venue and are starting to think about colors, events and all the festivities that go into a wedding. You (and your bridesmaids) may be thinking, what’s next?! Bridesmaid dress shopping of course! I took my experience being a bridesmaid last summer into consideration and put together a few key tips to ensure each bridesmaid feels beautiful and unique on your wedding day. Finding the most flattering bridesmaid dresses can take a few tries, but it perfectly doable and the extra effort will ensure all the ladies in your bridal party are more than content with the dresses they’ll be walking down the aisle in!

Determine What You Like

Before gathering all the ladies to pop champagne and head into dressing rooms, communicate to your bridesmaids what styles you are leaning towards. Sharing a Pinterest board is a great option to do before you hit the ground running. The color(s) should also be somewhat decided upon when you go out to shop so no one’s energy and time is wasting trying on dresses that don’t come in your dream color!

Not All Bodies Are The Same

This goes without saying, but the importance of your bridesmaids feeling comfortable during your wedding should be high on your list of priorities! Maybe you have been in a wedding yourself where the bride made you wear a dress you didn’t necessarily love or maybe you’ve heard stories about dresses not fitting correctly leading to uncomfortable bridesmaids. Either way, be sure to let your girls have some say because it will work out better for everyone in the end!

Bridesmaid Dress Tips

Spring For Coordinating Dresses

Unless you are a very traditional bride, allowing your girls to each wear coordinating dresses looks absolutely wonderful. This will guarantee the bridesmaids choose a flattering look they love which will in turn allow more fun and positivity before and during the wedding. As long as everyone is open to trying different styles to ensure the dresses go together, coordinated bridesmaids dresses will most likely be something everyone will be excited about. Plus the bridesmaids might actually be able to wear the dress more than once!

Don’t Settle On The First Shop

You most likely won’t settle on the first wedding dress you try on, so why make your bridesmaids settle? This is an exciting time for them too and shopping around at different stores is part of the entire wedding experience. By researching different shops and even allowing extra time to buy online (then return if they don’t work out) is the way to go! In the end, you don’t want your bridesmaids to miss out on a stunning dress because you settled on the first one they tried on!

Remember The Essentials

A strapless bra, heels and nude underwear are a great guideline for your bridesmaids to follow on the day of the shopping trip. Heels are especially important because we all know how much better certain types of clothes look with a little added height. Even better if the girls wear their hair in a similar style to what they plan on doing on your wedding day to allow pretty back details on the dresses to shine.

Bridesmaid Dress Tips

As always, tips and tricks to all things wedding are always welcome in the comments below! If you’re on the hunt for lovely custom invites, my friends over at Minted have so many wonderful designs for bridal showers, bachelorette parties and all things wedding! In the mean time, be sure to follow along with my wedding planning on Instagram!

Until Next Wedding Wednesday…

Bridesmaid Dress Tips

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Photography by Carla Gates

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