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Blogger Collaborations

Stop Waiting For Brands To Contact You: How To Score Partnerships

So, you started a blog and are looking to connect with brands for partnerships and sponsored posts but you’re not sure how to make those initial connections- keep reading! Whether you choose to monetize your blog, feature brands on your page in exchange for product, or keep everything sponsor-free, there are a few ways I connect with brands (and other bloggers) on my favorite social media platform, Instagram. You will find my tips on how to collaborate with companies you are truly interested in and why you don’t always have to wait until they contact you to lock down a partnership!

Blogger Collaborations How To

Why & How To Politely Decline Partnership Opportunities

As a rule of thumb, you should always stay true to yourself, your blog and your schedule. Although it may be tempting to seize each and every opportunity and event that comes your way, take a step back and ask yourself if the opportunity is truly something you want to take on. While it is great to collaborate, network and work with companies, don’t sacrifice quality for quantity and be sure to keep a good work/life balance! Your blog, your audience and your heart will thank you for it!

Before taking on or pitching any collaboration ideas, ask yourself how this company or event matches your own morals (for example, if you’re a natural beauty blogger, are the products being offered truly natural? If you are a style blogger, would you purchase the clothing yourself? If you simply take on anything you are offered, you could lose sight of your brand’s identity and the goals you envision for your brand. If you do decide to decline an opportunity, always reply to the brand or organizer thanking them for the chance to collaborate. By doing so, you maintain a good reputation and it leaves you open to possible partnerships in the future.


How To Properly & Successfully Outreach To Companies

Now the fun, inspiring stuff! You don’t always have to wait for brands, hotels, and/or restaurants to reach out to you! Have you been eyeing that one spa you want to try out and recommend to your readers but haven’t connected with them yet? One successful thing I do is connect with the company on Instagram and interact with them! By continuously engaging with their posts, companies will get a feel for who you are and why you are interested in partnering with them! After a week or so, reflect on your interactions with the given company. Have you been getting positive feedback and does it seem like they may be a good fit for your blog? The next step is to reach out to them. Many times, small businesses may not have a dedicated person whose job is to specialize in finding and contacting bloggers about partnership opportunities, which makes it perfectly acceptable to start the conversation.

When you introduce yourself to a company (either via direct message or email), be sure to mention that you’ve connected with them on Instagram (with your handle included), a little bit about yourself, your blog and why you desire to work with them! Just like when you receive an invitation to events and partnerships, it makes a world of difference when there is a personal touch in outreach email. Did a hotel just release their restaurant’s champagne brunch menu? Did an organic beauty company start selling a scent of body scrub you want to try? These are important things to mention in your outreach because more than likely, the company is being contacted by numerous other people wanting to collaborate. Make it special and take the time to personalize your outreach efforts!

Be sure to include an email signature on the bottom of your email with links to your blog, portfolio, and social media profiles. This will make it so much easier for the brand to review your work to see if they are willing to collaborate.

Blogger Collaborations

Securing The Partnership & Staying True To Your Word

Once you have heard back from a company and secured the partnership, it’s essential to keep up your end of the bargain. Are you requesting reasonable guidelines? If it’s a small company you’d like to feature, keep in mind that they may not be able to provide the same types of products or compensation as a mainstream brand. Did you agree to do a social media shout out on your feed? Are you willing to share the images for the company to use on their own social media accounts (with credit, of course)? Did you provide a time frame in which the blog post would be published? These are important ways to represent yourself and your brand the best you can because after all, you’re the one that reached out to the company! Once the post is live, be sure to contact the company letting them know how they can access it and that you will be sharing on social!

Blogger Collaborations

Do you have any additional blogging tips when it comes to partnerships? What is your most successful way to get in touch with brands to work on collaborations and sponsored posts? For more blogging tips, be sure to follow along on the blog and connect on Facebook!

Blogger Collaborations

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