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Engagement Check List

5 Things You Should Do Right After You Get Engaged

So you’re engaged, congratulations! But now what? If you are like me, I bet that you have heard of the stresses that come with wedding planning, but don’t forget about all the excitement that comes with it too! As I’m quickly learning, there are so many pieces to this wedding planning puzzle and we’ve decided to take our time with it and really enjoy each piece along the way!  Who says you need to have your wedding date picked out a few weeks after your engagement, anyways?

Engagement Check List

For those that are unfamiliar or are new to the blog, John and I got engaged this past December! During this time, we have been taking in the joy and overall bliss of this immensely special period in our lives over the past three months. We knew early on that a spring or early summer wedding would be ideal, and since there wouldn’t be enough time for a 2017 wedding, we decided it would be best to take the planning step by step. Instead of stressing to get everything turned around quickly and completely skipping over our engagement phase, we have been soaking it all in and learning things as we go! With that said, we have taken certain initial steps that let us enjoy this phase and also help us take small steps towards planning the big day!

1. Celebrate…Quick!

A celebration right after your engagement does not by any means have to be an official party. Gather you and your partner’s friends and go to a favorite restaurant for casual celebratory drinks! Your best friends will want to see new bling and give you lots of hugs (and cheers), so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

2. Take Engagement Photos

This one might be a different priority depending on how much you value photographs, but I knew to capture this exact moment in time, John and I had to take our first round of engagement photos within a few weeks! While we will be having a more formal engagement session later down the road, it only felt right to get dolled up and snap some images soon after he popped the question.

Engagement Check List

 3. Get An Initial Guest Count

In order to really begin researching venues, an initial guest list is extremely helpful. You don’t want to find a dream venue online only to find that it is too tiny to host all your guests! Do yourself a favor and ask both sets of parents to begin the process early on so you can get an idea of how many guests you will be expecting. This will make everyone’s lives that much easier down the road once the two of you are ready to send out invites, too!

4. Flip Through Those Glossy Magazines

Even if you never thought you’d be one to run to the store and pick up the latest issues of bridal magazines, do it anyways! There are countless ideas that you might miss out on if you don’t explore the options out there! And although Pinterest has the never-ending scroll feature we all love to utilize, I still love the idea of flipping through the pages of a magazine!

5. Choose Your Bridal Party

Within a few weeks of getting engaged, I begun building my bridesmaid proposal boxes for my five lovely bridesmaids. I wanted these boxes to be extra special, so taking the time to brainstorm and gather items over the course of four weeks allowed me to find especially meaningful items for my bridesmaids. Once I had this process underway, John wanted in on the excitement and we browsed groomsmen gifts on Etsy until we found the perfect favor for him to ask his groomsmen with. Sending out favors at the post office and hand delivering the rest was a special memory we will have forever!

Engagement Check List

I hope you enjoyed the very first post in my new series, Wedding Wednesday! Be sure to check back each week and follow along as I plan my own wedding. Have planning advice? Please share in the comments below!

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Until next Wedding Wednesday…

Engagement Check List


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    March 29, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Great idea for your blog!! I love it! I’m sure a lot of people will get some great information & ideas from it!! 😍👰🏻💍🍾😍


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